The members of staff & students of the school may use and take books from library. Maximum number of books that may be issued to various classes of borrows.

Class ses

No. Of books

May be issued

Time permitted

Class-I to VII

10(class library system)

1 Months

Class-IX to XII


14 Days

Teaching staff

05 text books/05reference books

1 Year/1 Month

Non-teaching staff


1 Month



  1. Rs. 2/-per book week is charged for the books returned after due date as per the provision of Holy Angle Accounts code.
  2. Ref. Books-Encyclopaedia, dictionary, yearbook, general knowledge, biography etc. Are not to be issued from the library. They can be used in the library premises only.
  3. Books issued from the library should be kept very carefully and in no case be underlined or disfigured.