Rules of School

  1. All students must come to school in time and attend the assembly and classes regularly.
  2. It is obligatory on the part of every student to being the diary everyday and note down assignments regularly.
  3. The student should be well behind, polite and respectful to all the teachers and members of the staff in the school and outside.
  4. All the students must come to school in the prescribed uniform. Those coming in improper uniform shall not be allowed to attendant the classes.
  5. Whenever a student wants a short leave, he/she should get it in writing form the parent/guardian concerned. if a student remains absent without proper application ,a fine of Rs 5/- per day will be imposed for unauthorised absence . The names of such students shall be struck off the rolls in being absent continuously for 15 days without information.
  6. All the students should bring with them only books , exercise books etc. Necessary for the day. Carrying any other articles like musical instruments, calculator, toys, firecrackers, firearms, objectionable books, etc., are strictly prohibited.
  7. The student should take care of their blogging. They should not bring any valuable articles. Students are advised not to wear ant Jewellers or ornaments at school. The school takes no responsibility in case of loss or theft of such articles.
  8. The warning bell before class and assembly is a sign for all to go to their class rooms an assembly ground respectively. This should be done silently.
  9. On school days including all functions, children should wear the school Uniform.
  10. Only English should be spoken in the school premises to acquire greater fluency in the language. Parents are requested to encourage their children to speak in English at home too.
  11. Students are not allowed to meet outsiders during school hours without the permission of the principal.
  12. The students are not allowed to leave the school permission during the school hours without the written permission of the principal.
  13. Tuition fees for months of February and March shall, however, is paid by February 10th failing which; the names of the defaulters shall be struck off the rolls.
  14. If the name of the student is struck off from the rolls for any reason, he/she shall be readmitted only once.
  15. Laboratory caution money is collected from the students of class IX / X XI & XII which is not refundable.
  16. No student will be allowed to change his/her subject after the 30th April of the session.
  17. Students should be in the school premises at least 10 minutes before the first bell of the day.
  18. Late comer will not be allowed to attend the classes on the same day.
  19. The students are expected to keep their hair tidy, neat and well combed. Girls must not wear fancy hair clips or ear rings. Boys must have their hair cut regularly.
  20. Nails should be trimmed regularly and application of nail polish is not allowed.
  21. Students are strictly forbidden to purchase any article of food from unauthorised of dealers at or near school premises.
  22. Irregular attendance, habitual want of application, insubordination to teacher and any kind of cheating or serious misconduct or any habit or behaviour objectionable to good name of the school are sufficient reason for punishment, even dismissal from school.
  23. Permission to go home after the test or otherwise during school hours or permission to write only the test and remain absent for the rest or time will not be granted. On any conditions student will not be sent home alone. No leave for marriages and social functions will be granted.
  24. The book and note books should be neatly covered only with brown sheet.
  25. Silence is to be observed throughout the school hours and also during changing from one class to another.
  26. Books, note-books, bags, Tiffin box, etc. Should bear the name class of the owner. The school is not responsible for any such thing that gets lost.
  27. Those who bring bicycle should keep them properly locked at the place meant for them.
  28. Class monitors shall maintain the class discipline in the absence of the teacher. All students should co-operate with the monitor in maintaining discipline of the class.
  29. No student shall loiter in the school and disturb the teaching of the other classes. Free time is to be properly utilized in the reading room and library.
  30. Parents are requested to check the diaries of their children every day and ensure that instructions are being followed by their wards per rules.
  31. Depositing fees as per rules.
  32. Assisting your award in depositing project work in time.
  33. Ensure that your ward is escorted safely to school and back home.
  34. Should you feel or notice that ward is not making the desired progress, kindly meet the principal (you are always welcome to the school to ensure the progress of your ward).
  35. Visiting Hours:
    To meet the principal: 09:30: A.M to 11:30 A.M.
    To meet the teachers: 11:30 A.M to 12:30 P.M.
    (Only 2nd Saturday)