Class XI

A student has to pass securing 33% of marks separately in theory and practical each subject having practical component.

The distribution of marks for theory (70) and practical (30) components are as follows.


Project 05 marks

Assignment 05 marks

Half yearly 05 marks (out of 25)

Session Ending 15 marks (out of 50)

Total practical 30 marks


Unit test  : 15 Marks

Half yearly :20 Marks

Session Ending Exam : 35 Marks



A student of class xi securing less than 33% in one or two subjects will be eligible to appear in the supplementary examination in those subjects. The candidate will be promoted to next higher class only if he/she secures 33% in each such subject.

A class xi student has to appear either theory or practical or both in supplementary exam. If he fails in theory practical or in Annual & has to secure 33% in the respective exam. In class xi the student should secure 33% in each subject for passing the exam.

Time or practical exam.

Class IX – February

Class X – January

Class XI – February

Class XII – February